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What is "Send 5%, Get 5%"?

This is an extremely attractive rewards program designed by Sunlight hair, which not only allows you to share your favorite hair with others, but also makes you get a high return. In other words, you can split extra 10% rewards with others: others get 5% off by using your exclusive rewards code or the link you share. Meanwhile, you get 5% of payment as rewards in your account once others finish the purchase. What’s more, the accumulated rewards in your account not only can deduct the order, but also can be withdrawn cash. and all offers can be used together!

How it works?

1. Sign up sunlight hair to get your exclusive rewards code.
2. Share your rewards code to others/Click the top to others .
3. Apply the rewards code to Split extra 10% reward with others. Others get 5% off via typing your rewards code, you get 5% of payment as rewards in your account!
4. Elevate to VIP member to get 10% rewards. When your rewards code is used more than 10 times, you will become Sunlight hair VIP member, which means the rewards you get will increase to 10%.
5. Together use 5 kinds of discount to deduct order!
(1) Rewards code
(2) Coupon code
(3) Rewards
(4) Points
(5) Other discount
In brief, you will get a jaw -dropping price in the end!
the last price= your order - coupon code - rewards code - rewards - points

So what can rewards be used for?

1. Directly deduct your order!
2. Withdraw cash!
Meanwhile, there is an easily obtained “Points program” in sunlight member center, which also can be deducted money when you checkout! Sunlight rewards program, now has allowed more than 10,000 members to full-payout their sunlight orders with rewards or points every month. Let you and your friends to seize this opportunity, sign up now !


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