5 misconceptions about hair

by sunlight hair on 2018-04-04

Sometimes we may overlook a lot of details inadvertently, but often the details lead to a variety of problems with our hair, which cause our originally good hair a series of problems such as dry, no vitality and loss. So what are the errors in the process of daily hair care? When we know these misconception very clearly, we can successfully avoid them in our daily life.

1 Choose the shampoo recommended by others

Many people may ignore this point that everyone's hair is different,  there will be a not good effect if you always use the shampoo recommended by others. So you must choose the shampoo that suits you according to your own hair. However, in general, it is not recommended for changing shampoo, which is harmful to your scalp.

2 Always fiercely comb your dry hair

We shouldn’t fiercely comb our matted hair when the hair is so dry. Firstly, we should wipe a little conditioner on it so that your hair becomes soft and easy to comb. So when you meet the same situation one day, do not comb your hair fiercely, otherwise it will damage your hair.

3 Over wash your hair

Your original intention of washing your hair may be to make it cleaner, but as your shampooing count increases, you will notice that the hair is less healthy than before, which can damage your own protection system of hair and eventually leads to hair Become more unhealthy. If it is a wig, it may completely lose its luster.

4. Frequently use a variety of care products in market

You have to always believe that many products are just  advertising, in fact, the effect is not particularly outstanding. Some people say that they obviously spent a lot of money in care products, but don’t see the hair become better. it is often because the function of these products are exaggerated. Instead of believing so many products for the benefit of the market, it is better to do some daily care at home and to make some hair oil. The last but not least, the healthy diet is also very important.

5 . Dont use water to make your hair wet before swimming

Sometimes there is a lot of harmful substances in the water, which may damage your hair. You can choose to wear a protective headdress or wet your hair with water ahead before swimming. The best way is to wear a hood, but taking a spray bottle of distilled water to wet your hair is also a good choice, which can make hair not absorb harmful substances from the outside world.

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