Means of payment
About payment methods

We accept several payment methods. The following payment methods can be used:

Credit Card (PayPal)
Credit Card (Oceanpayment)
About PayPal payment, We need to be aware of two situations. First, you have PayPal account and choose PayPal directly to make payment. Second, you want to choose PayPal to pay, but you don't have a PayPal account. First of all, it is necessary to apply for the account registration, when you have to choose a currency, choose the currency in circulation in your country. You click Master Card, VISA, Credit Card, American Express, Discover in turn, but you will be back to the PayPal site, you select the payment method again and fill in the card information to complete the payment.
If you click on PayPal and Credit Card, you will be redirected to PayPal site, one for PayPal and the other for debit or credit card payment, select full disbursement.

Payment Attention

Don't use E-check to pay, the payment status is unpaid, it says we haven't received your payment, so we can't arrange the shipment. We have to wait a few days until the payment status paid, we receive the payment, we will arrange the payment, usually it takes about 4-5 days.

We will verify our PayPal account, when we confirm payment, we will arrange shipment, orders are subject to verification prior to shipment.


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